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Decorative Landscape Products – Introduction

Slate Chippings

Slate mulch for landscape has flatish pieces making it easy to walk on and more versatile than gravel. The slate comes from quarries in North Wales where it is a bi product of the Roofing Slate Industry.

Gravel and Aggregates

Using gravel and aggregates is the best way to transform any landscape scheme. Gardeners can also use these aggregates and gravels as mulches. Used on top of soil they can aid moisture retention in the summer and provide insulation from temperature fluctuation.

Cobbles and Pebbles

A totally natural way to transform a garden or pond is with Cobbles & Pebbles to give a riverbed, beach or cobbled look to any area. Compliment with gravels & aggregates and a few boulders or rocks for the ultimate garden. Used on top of soil they can aid moisture retention in the Summer and provide insulation from temperature fluctuation.

Rockery Stone and Walling

Our range of decorative and landscape stone includes many types of rockery stone in various colours and sizes, paving stones, granite setts, cobbles, boulders and large standing stones.

All our products are hand selected to make sure that only top quality materials are delivered.

Monoliths and Water Features

Every garden and landscape area needs a focal point or a central feature. Monolith and Feature Stones are the best for either a statement or an unusual talking point. Some can be run as water features or left as standing stones to give height and form.

Rubber Chippings

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates now offer a solution for playground and landscaping with totally recycled rubber chippings. Less maintenance, more fun! A product developed in the UK using 100% recycled materials.

Sands and Dressings

Sands and grit are used to mix with planting media, jointing in paving setts and dressings.

Glass Aggregates

For use in landscape projects, precast concrete and surface dressings. Our range of glass aggregates have been specially developed to offer a range of colours that would compliment any landscape design.

Our technical support and project liaison service will ensure your exact requirements are met to help you develop the perfect outside space.



Slate Chippings

Gravel & Aggregates

Cobbles & Pebbles

Rockery Stone & Walling

Monoliths & Water Features

Rubber Chippings

Sands, Soil & Dressings

Glass Aggregates