Highway Applications

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates is a market leader in supplying high-quality aggregates for Highway Applications. The high-quality white dolomite we produce is utilised for thermoplastic road markings across the UK and Europe and we also supply calcined bauxite, granites and gritstones for anti-skid road surfacing.

Aggregates for Anti-skid Surfacing

As a member of the Road Safety Marking Association, we are extremely proud to provide our aggregates and services to an industry that upholds critical road safety standards. Our materials are used for many thermoplastic marking applications from cycle and bus lanes to road markings that require high visual impact. Customers trust our team’s expertise and rely on our experience of over 35 years to deliver a high-quality product backed by full technical support if required.


aggregates for white thermoplastic marking
red aggregates used for anti-skid surface markings
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Our wide range of aggregates for road marking is washed, dried, screened and bagged to meet the necessary high-quality standards.

Our White Dolomite is imported from a Spanish quarry that is regarded as the best in Europe. It is then processed to deliver a high-quality and consistent product that forms the best white lining filler available in the market.

We also provide special mixtures, blends and colour combinations for highlighting areas on the road. Other high-PSV materials can also be processed to specific requirements and our stringent quality control processes ensure the delivery of consistent and high-quality products.

Deliveries can be made in bags, bulk bags, tankers or bulk tippers as required and we are able to deliver aggregates for road and thermoplastic line markings all over the world.

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Aggregates for Anti-skid Surfacing

There are two processes for producing anti-skid-resistant surfaces where skidding and braking problems can occur:

  • Hot Applied Skid Resistant / High Friction Surfacing
    • Utilise a thermoplastic resin which is liquid when hot and  screened onto the road surface along with aggregates contained within the mixture.
  • Cold Applied Skid Resistant / High Friction Surfacing
    • Use a thermosetting binder which is produced by mixing separate resin components prior to laying. Aggregate is applied to the resin before it starts to set.

We are able to meet both process requirements and can supply Calcined Bauxite or high PSV granites and gritstones. 


Bridge Decking

Like anti-skid applications for roads, safety is paramount for bridge surfacing which is used by all types of vehicles. We supply aggregates for any of the many different types of Bridge Decks which include:

  • Reinforced Concrete Decks
    • Solid Slab Bridge Decks
    • Voided Slab Decks
    • T Slab Decks
    • Box Slabs or Girders
  • Composite Bridge Decks
  • Fibre Reinforced Polymer Decks

Green Granite 20mm is one of our most popular products selected for Bridge Decking.

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