Roofing & Green Roofing

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates is a leading supplier of high quality roofing aggregates in the UK. We work with customers across all sectors including construction, industrial processes and commercial and public settings. Our comprehensive aggregate range has been utilised in various roofing systems including roofing construction, decorative roofs and the manufacture of roofing substrates.

Aggregates for Various Roofing Types

Our extensive range of roofing aggregates allows us meet the precise demands of customers with specific roofing requirements.

Flat Roof Ballast

Aggregates are used to weigh down insulation on flat roofing systems. In order to provide a reasonable embedment and interlocking surface, a stone between 10-20mm is suitable or for a more decorative and visually attractive flat roof, larger cobbled stones can be laid. Aggregates for flat roofs are available in single bags, bulk bags or loose loads. Next-day delivery is available.

Solar Reflective Roofs

Our aggregates are used to protect flat roof membranes from ultraviolet sun rays which causes deterioration. Customers use white reflective aggregates in particular for this application and either white marble or grey limestone gravel can be used (no smaller than 12.5mm). Stones can be laid loose or bonded to the roof in hot or cold bitumen.

Inverted Flat Roofing

Inverted roofing is being increasingly specified for new construction projects. Similar to flat roofing systems, aggregate is added as a layer on top of the thermal insulation and weatherproof covering. A larger aggregate is required for these types of roofing applications.  In order to counter any possible flotation that some inverted roofs experience through wind uplift, we recommend  aggregates be laid to a 50mm depth.

Green Roofing Systems

Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendly solution. Green roofing systems are good for the environment, aesthetically pleasing and economical. By using aggregates in the construction of green roofs on buildings, customers can enjoy multiple benefits such as:

  • Planning permission – A green roof that is designed for new buildings and properties can help with the granting of planning permission.
  • Nature – Green roofs provide habitats for many birds, insects and plants.
  • Heating – Bills are reduced through the use of green roofs
  • Water Retention – Green roofs are able to retain rainfall through natural absorption
  • Thermal – Green roofs have thermal properties that significantly reduce air temperature.
  • Improve air quality – The air quality around a building or home is improved through a green roof
  • Increase roofing longevity – A green roof can help lengthen the life span of a roof by protecting the old roofing system from UV rays, frost and ice.
yellow blooming sedum roof garden on a hotel roof in the mountains

Our Aggregate Range for Roofing Requirements

The base products that we supply for roofing applications include ballast, crushed stone and gravel. For more decorative roofing projects we also supply slate chippings, pea gravel and pebbles.

Our full range of products in various different sizes includes:

  • White Limestone Chippings
  • Green Granite Chippings
  • Red Granite Chippings
  • Round Gravel
  • Scottish Pebbles and Cobbles
  • Polar White Marble
  • Polar White Pebbles
  • Blue Slate Chippings
  • Plum Slate Chippings
  • Graphite Grey Slate Chippings

Samples are available of all roofing aggregates.