Custom Processing

Custom Processing Aggregates 

We pride ourselves on our versatility and offer efficient custom processing with highly flexible production and storage facilities.  Precise carefully considered processes are followed to produce  high quality aggregates and several different processes can be combined to extract products custom made for a specific brief. Stringent in-house quality control ensures customers receive a high quality product, processed accurately to the exact specification.

Custom processing services can be provided either as one-off requests or as part of regular contracts. Services include:


Contract Washing Aggregates

Materials are washed to remove surface dust and grit through one of two tumble washers, then left to drain before passing through one of two rotary drying plants.


Contract Drying Aggregates

Aggregates are heated in driers and tumbled to ensure grit and dust is removed from the stones prior to screening.

With 40 years experience drying aggregates, sands, granules and other fine minerals, we are used to handling any material with high or low moisture content. We are able to provide contract or toll drying requirements for customer aggregates using rotary gas-fired dryers. We can alter temperatures or the rotation speed of the drum to meet the specific requirements of the brief.

Our aggregate drying systems are capable of drying  up to 40 tonnes an hour, (depending on the product being dried) and the efficient drying process allows us to provide various different batch sizes and  meet customer deadlines.


Contract Screening Aggregates

Screening plays a crucial role in ensuring aggregates are graded and clean.

To  meet the diverse needs of the many different industries we work with,  our screening process allows any form of aggregate, whether loose or bagged, to be segregated and graded to any specific size.

We offer screening as a separate service and it can also be integrated into bagging, drying, mixing and blending processes as required.


Contract Bagging & Packing Aggregates

Packaging plays a vital role in preventing the contamination of aggregates and we do all we can to ensure each order reaches customers in optimal condition.

Automated packing lines and robotic palletisers quickly and efficiently bag and pack even the largest orders and strong packaging ensures aggregates arrive in pristine condition and can be safely stored outside.

Our packaging service is highly bespoke and a range of options include:

  • Branded packaging
  • Aggregates supplied in a variety of packaging formats including single poly bags, bulk bags, and bulk tankers.
  • Dedicated indoor/outdoor storage