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The rock salt we supply is of the highest quality. Our product is pure and isn’t mixed with sand or gravel. We source rock salt that is mined in Winsford, Cheshire and also import white rock salt. Large quantities of pre-packed rock salt is readily available in various sizes including 20kg poly bags, bulk bags and loose loads. We offer deliveries – ranging from single pallet orders to large artic lorry loads – directly to any location nationwide and cater for both individual and trade resale needs.

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Brown Rock Salt (6mm)

Pure brown rock salt is ideal for thawing ice and snow. Brown rock salt is more commonly used across the country and we regularly supply various UK councils for road maintenance as well as  homeowners for their streets and driveways. Pre-packed stocks are available for customers in poly bags, bulk bags and loose tippers ready for convenient winter deliveries.

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White Rock Salt (6mm)

Pure white rock salt is commonly used as a cleaner alternative to brown rock salt. It is frequently chosen for maintaining cleanliness in locations such as offices, car parks, shopping centres, schools, and hospitals. We offer a steady supply of white rock salt, available for delivery in poly bags, bulk bags, and loose tippers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rock salt made from?

Rock salt is a natural mineral, which means that is mined and not manufactured. However, it can still be processed and prepared for consumption. Rock salt, or halite, is roughly made up of 40% sodium and 60% chlorine.

Why is rock salt used on roads?

During cold weather, especially in winter, precipitation can cause ice to form on streets, pavements and other surfaces. Rock salt is used because salt lowers the freezing point of water, preventing ice from forming.

How should Rock Salt be stored?

We recommend a grit bin as the safest way to store rock salt and keep it dry. Poly bags are available and an alternative option of storage in the garage shed or boot of the car. Rock salt will freeze solid at around minus 7 degrees a consideration when choosing where and how to store it.

Is rock salt safe?

Under normal conditions of handling and use, Rock Salt is unlikely to have any harmful effects. We recommend you view the Safety Data Sheet page for more detailed information.

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