Filter Media

Aggregates are an essential part of the filtration and water treatment process and as equipment constantly evolves, we play a crucial role in maintaining the high standards required by supplying high quality, cost-effective aggregates to help improve the recovery of wastewater and help safeguard against its discharge into rivers, watercourses and the sea.

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Experts in Aggregate Filtration

The team at Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates is very experienced in sourcing the exact shape and size of aggregate composition required to meet the high specification demands of water purification plants and filtration works.

The filtration industry demands high-quality technical grades of sands, gravels and other minerals and our network of quarry partners,  technical expertise and unique processing facilities allow us to develop customised solutions.

The bespoke service we offer includes manufacturing filter media to suit individual specifications.  Aggregates for filtration are washed, graded and packed ensuring a fit-for-purpose result for all clean or wastewater processes.


The Largest Range of Filtration Aggregates

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of filtration aggregates in the UK. Our extensive range of different silica sands, aggregates and blast furnace slag has been used to aid the following applications and industries:

  • Swimming Pools 
  • Industrial Water Filtration 
  • Borehole Drilling  
  • Sewage Treatment Works 

All quarried minerals are washed and screened to a level that meets the standards required for cutting-edge drinking water solutions and other purification and water recycling systems.  The various filtration aggregates we can supply include:

  • Filter Silica Sands
  • Filteration Gravels
  • Blast Furnace Slag

Meeting Delivery Deadlines for the Filtration Industry

We appreciate how critical delivery deadlines are when installations require the replacement of media. We work in partnership with our customers to ensure production, storage and delivery timescales meet project requirements.

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