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Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates is a producer and distributor of decorative aggregates to the construction industry. The company is fully aware of its impact on the environment, and is committed to taking the following actions to  prevent or minimise those impacts

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Environmental Policy

Derbyshire Aggregates is a processor and distributor of decorative aggregates to the construction industry. Head Office is at Arbor Low Works, Youlgrave, Derbyshire. The Company employs 67 people on 4 sites in Derbyshire, Bridgend and Bangor.

The Company is aware of the environmental impacts that arise from its activities. To minimise or where possible eliminate these impacts, the Company makes the following commitments to :

  • Conduct all operations in such a manner as to have minimum negative effect on the Environment. Appropriate and timely action will be taken to mitigate any harm caused by past operations.
  • Comply with all applicable legislation, regulatory standards and other environmental requirements.
  • Prevent or minimise pollution arising from Company Operations in order to comply with statutory regulations.
  • Minimise consumption of resources to include raw materials, fuel and other utilities through monitoring and optimisation of internal processes.
  • Dispose of all waste in line with the requirements set out in our waste management plan.
  • Share information and co-operate with and influence supply chain, customers, partners and the local community to improve overall environmental performance and be able to demonstrate environmental commitment and improvement.
  • Source resources and materials from suppliers who share the Company’s commitment to safeguarding the environment and who can supply an environmentally acceptable product which meets specification requirements.
  • Continue to improve its environmental performance year on year through the setting, monitoring and review of defined environmental objectives.
  • Ensure awareness of everyone working for, or on behalf of the Company regarding how their individual actions contribute to the commitments made by the Company in this policy.
  • Ensure that this policy is available to customers, suppliers and any other interested parties and is reviewed at suitable regular intervals.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business

Sustainability lies at the core of our business. We recognise the importance of environmental protection and are fully committed to conducting our operations responsibly. Our primary focus is on using ethically sourced materials from sustainable deposits. Whenever possible, we prioritise the use of recycled products or industrial by-products for relevant applications.

As a company heavily reliant on natural minerals for all aspects of modern life, we ensure that mineral extraction takes place only in ecologically suitable deposits. Our site selection process is designed to minimise environmental and social impacts.

At all levels of management, we prioritise environmentally responsible practices, adhering to all relevant legislation and regulatory standards.

We actively promote the use of energy-efficient dashing aggregates in insulation systems under government initiatives such as the Green Deal and ECO, to strike a balance in the use of raw materials.

Our landscaping products are natural and comply with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), providing a sustainable alternative to hard landscaping. In our commitment to sustainability, some of our products used in resin-bonded applications are developed from recycled and reconstituted materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Throughout our sourcing, production, and transportation processes, we follow best practices in sustainability. All our products are certified to meet the highest standards.

We wholeheartedly welcome clients who share our sustainability values, and we collaborate with suppliers who equally respect and value the natural resources supporting our industry.



Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates has recently gained ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001 certification for the processing and supply of decorative and specialist aggregates and the provision of associated training. This quality management system shows our ongoing commitment to develop and improve processes and enhance customer satisfaction.

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