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Terrazzo Flooring Specifier – Benefits Overview

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates supply a variety of aggregates used in terrazzo production including calcareous, serpentine and other natural stones, which are capable of being ground and polished. We also supply materials such as quartz, granite, quartzite and silica pebbles suitable for finishes that do not require polishing, such as rustic terrazzo.

We also offer a wide selection of recycled glass aggregates in a variety colours and sizes.

Benefits include:

  • Low-cost maintenance
    Terrazzo flooring is renowned for ease of cleaning and maintenance without the use of any environmentally volatile materials.
  • Design Freedom
    Pattern, colour and form can all be customized creating a world of choice over and above our standard portfolio. Varying levels of finish can be achieved from honed to polished and bespoke designs with logos and decorative graphics are possible with water jet cutting and patterns.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Terrazzo Tiles
    Tiles are flood grouted, ground and polished on site for an ultra-smooth, seamless and monolithic look, making them the ideal flooring for wheeled and light traffic environments.
  • Minimal post-commercial waste
  • Save on transportation costs
  • Hardwearing and durable 
    Terrazzo flooring is extremely hardwearing. Resistant to impact, fire, frost, abrasion and traffic, it will outlast almost all other types of floor and provide the lowest possible life cycle costs.
  • Anti-Static Properties
    Terrazzo has exceptional anti-static properties and conforms to the industry standards required for highly demanding environments such as operating theatres.



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