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Terrazzo Flooring – Preparation, Installation & Finishing

  • Preparing the floor
    Concrete floor is swept and the floor is damped down with water
  • Laying of tiles
    The semi-dry cement:sand screed, typically 1:3-4 is placed on the concrete and spread to the correct level. Tiles are laid with joints 2mm-3mm.
  • Grout
    Grout is neat mix of cement, water and colour pigments to either match the colour of the tile or offer a contrast grout line
  • Grouting
    The flood grouting method is more efficient than traditional cement grouting as this ensures better penetration of joints
  • Grinding & Finishing 
    Mechanically ground and polished on site
  • Sealing 
    Tiles can be sealed using penetrating sealer


Tiled Terrazzo flooring