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Terrazzo Flooring Information – Production

Terrazzo production

A finished terrazzo floor has a minimum of 70% aggregate density on the surface. It is a building material that has the cross-section of polished aggregates decorating its appearance. It is a composite material made up of aggregates surrounded by a binder that is poured in place or precast.

The main aggregate used in terrazzo is marble, which when cured are ground and polished to a smooth surface.

Marble aggregates are sourced from mainly Italy and Spain.

Aggregates and cements are weighed out into the tile press mixer where water and pigments are added.

The mix is dosed into a tile press and the material is vibrated to ensure that the mix is evenly spread in the mould.

The tile backing made from a mixture of cement and limestone aggregate is applied on top of the face mix in the mould and the tile is pressed.

The pressed tiles are removed and put in a curing chamber where the tile gains strength and cured overnight. The tiles go through a grinding machine which produces a smooth even surface to the tile and exposes the aggregate in the face of the tile. The tile when laid on site is then ground and polished to provide the smooth polished look that is required.



Tiled Terrazzo flooring at the University Hospital College London