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Rubber Shred Specifier – Applications

Rubber Shred – The Ideal Safety Choice for Play Areas

Rubber shred chippings are the ideal play surface not only for safety but also with an appearance that will last. The rubber shredding is made from recycling commercial and industrial tyres, which is wire free.

To make the rubber more visually pleasing and allow for different combinations to be mixed or different colours to be used in different areas there are 5 additional colours to the standard black. They are coated with pigments, which give a nice palette to work with. A mixture of green and either brown or terracotta gives a natural look to any playground or safety surface. If you want to go for a more modern look the plum has a really nice purple/blue look to it. It looks great when sunlight catches it.

A resin bound rubber shred surface works out considerably less expensive than traditional wet pour surfaces and is very durable.

It’s possible to produce shapes letters and logos within the resin bound surface allowing for complete artistic freedom. Every job you do can be customised to your client’s requirements whether it is a business, home, park or school.



Resin-bound rubber in any design