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Rubber Landscape Chippings product specification

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Product Name
Rubber Landscape Chippings

500kg Bulk Bags

Landscape Mulch

Recycled and coloured rubber chippings as an alternative to gravels and aggregates. Easier and safer for areas around the home and for animals. The material is far less dense than aggregates so goes 3 to 4 times further for the same weight. General coverage is around 502mtrs per tonne at 50mm deep.

Colours available

Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Plum and Terracotta. Also mixed colours to order. Mixes done from bags give an endless choice of colour combinations.

Recommended fall heights are:

Not applicable

Blue Rubber Chippings

Black Rubber Chippings

Brown Rubber Chippings

Green Rubber Chippings

Plum Rubber Chippings

Terracotta Red Chippings

Example of mixed colours

Example of mixed colours

Example of mixed colours