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Roofing Information – Environmentally Friendly

Green Roofs

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates supply a wide range of roofing substrates designed to benefit you and the environment.

Green roofs are becoming more popular, as eco-friendly building incentives change the landscape of roof construction.

There are many ways that green roof aggregates can be installed to meet specific requirements, for example a lightweight blend of absorbent aggregates are often used as a substrate within recreational garden-roofs.

The benefits of green roofing systems are environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and economical.


A green roof designed on a new building can help with planning permission.


Green roofs provide a habitat for many birds rare insects, beetles, spiders and plants.


Bills can be reduced with an average saving of around 4%.

Water run off

Green roofs are able to retain on average 82 % of rainfall through natural absorption.


Thermal properties of green roofs significantly reduce air temperatures.

Air quality

Reduction of sulphur dioxide (acid rain) and nitrous acid can be achieved in the air above a green roof.

Water filtration

Water is cleaned when passing through a green roof system.


A green roof can increase a roof’s lifespan by up to 3 times, and protects the waterproofing from UV rays, frost and ice.

For more information on our green roofing aggregates please contact a member of our technical support team.