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Resin-bonded Specifier – Process

Resin bound or bonded?

Basically two types of finish. Bound involves pre-mixing resin and aggregates for a trowelled smooth finish, whilst bonded is quicker and involves loose gravel applied to a resin coat for a gravel like finish.

Resin-bonded aggregates

Driveways are the ideal application for resin-bonded aggregates. This method involves applying the resin over a suitable base using a squeegee, and then ‘scattering’ the chosen dried aggregate over the tacky resin before it sets. Some systems use pre-coated aggregates, whilst others rely on applying a resin over the scattered stone to seal the system, or it can be left with a gravel like open textured finish.


Often referred to as hand trowelled, the aggregate is blended with the resin prior to application and is trowelled to a smooth level finish.
Design elements such as logos and patterns or numbers can be incorporated into the finished area by using contrasting stone colours to create the desired finish.

Process summary

Both applications must be applied in dry warm conditions and can be used lightly within 12 to 24 hours. Not beyond a good DIY person, however, the resulting finishes are greatly improved by application by a well trained and competent contractor. Bonded is cheaper but bound will look better and last much longer.



Resin-bonded steps

Resin-bound 10mm Yellow Tree Pit

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