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Resin-bonded Products – Matching Service and Samples

Matching Service – Sample before you buy

We offer an unrivalled matching service. By either supplying a photograph or a sample, we can will post a sample to meet your needs. We are also happy to visit site to provide advice.

What colours are available?

Sample boxes are available containing the most popular aggregates for resin bonding. With over 50 different aggregates available virtually any colour scheme can be catered for.

Careful on site blending of different colours can create a unique range of colours. A number of aggregates can also be coloured to allow bespoke matching. Aggregates that are resin bound will change appearance, the aggregate having a darker ‘wet’ look stone.

Sample boxes or bags are available

Resin Bonded and Resin Bound aggregates samples are available in 2 sizes.

Small and large samples can be delivered via Royal Mail within 3 days. Small samples are ideal for simple colour matching or larger samples to give a better idea of how a larger area will look when it’s covered.

Sample Box – A box containing 18 samples of various resin bound aggregates to show colour and the various gradings available. Sample boxes are sent by courier on the next working day from the order. They generally take 2-5 days to deliver. We also ship the resin bound sample boxes internationally. This is an easier way than getting individual sample pots of colours and shows nicely the contrast and beauty of natural stone. Each sample is coated in resin to show the bound in resin colour which enhances the stones appearance.

Products in the sample box are:

  • Daltex Green 2-5mm
  • Daltex Yellow 10mm
  • Chinese Bauxite 1-3mm
  • Daltex Golden Quartz 2-5mm
  • Daltex Autumn Quartz 2-5mm
  • Daltex Yellow 2-5mm
  • Brittany Bronze 10mm
  • Daltex Silver 2-5mm
  • Autumn Quartz 1-3mm
  • Golden Pea 1-3mm
  • Golden Pea 2-5mm
  • Rose Pink 1-3mm
  • Daltex Red 2-5mm
  • Silver 1-3mm
  • Amber Gold 1-3mm
  • Daltex White Flint 2-5mm
  • Daltex Black 2-5mm
  • Trugrip 68 1-3mm

We sell many other bespoke colours mixtures and special gradings, if you don’t see what you want please ring and we will advise on what is available.

Small Sample Bag – A small spoonful of approximately 40 grammes for viewing shape and colour. Due to the limited amount this is not really to show sizes of the sample.

Large Sample Bag – Approximately 1kg bag to show size shape and colour of the product. Enough to lay out in a 300mm x 300mm square.





We offer a comprehensive matching service

Resin-bound sample box

We also supply sample bags for your convenience

Visit our dedicated resin bonded website for more information