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Resin-bonded Information – Questions and Answers

Can the system be laid in any weather?

If there is a possibility of rain or damp the products should not be laid. Variations in temperature and humidity can affect the application process.

Can the surface be cleaned?

One of the beauties of resin based surfaces are the extremely low maintenance properties. A gentle power wash is usually all that is required to clean the surface.

How do I deal with items such as manhole covers?

Manhole or access covers such as stop tap boxes or cable ducting will need to be left ‘proud’ of the base course layer.

Where a new layer has been laid, this is easily done as part of those works.

When an existing surface is to be overlayed, it will be necessary to ‘lift’ the covers, by breaking them out and re-seating them to an elevated level, roughly 10mm or so above the base layer.

This should be done at least 24 hours before the resin-bound surfacing is laid to make sure adequate time is allowed for any bedding mortars or patch repairs to cure/harden.

Who can apply the systems?

Although not beyond the skilled DIY’er this type of surface should be laid by experienced specialist contractors.



Do not lay in rain or damp conditions

Gently power wash the area to clean the surface

Mix with paving, very versatile

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