Our plant at Port Penrhyn, North Wales, is home to our beautiful range of slate products which are sourced locally in Snowdonia. The slate chippings we supply are a by-product from past tile manufacture. Our slate is 100% recycled material and environmentally friendly.

Plum Slate 40m (1)

Slate Chippings

Slate is an aggregate that really comes to life when wet and it is particularly stunning when used around pond edges or as part of a water feature but there are many ways slate can enhance a garden design:

  • Ground cover
  • Decorative borders
  • Garden pathways
  • Mulching
  • Patio gap fillers
  • Surrounding rockeries

We offer various natural colours including plum, blue, graphite grey and green. Multiple types and sizes of slate are available including:

  • Plum Slate Chippings – 20mm & 40mm
  • Plum Slate Paddlestones
  • Blue Slate Chippings – 20mm & 40mm
  • Blue Slate Paddlestones
  • Graphite Grey Slate Chippings – 20mm & 40mm
  • Green Slate Chippings – 20mm & 40mm
  • Green Paddlestones
  • Plum and Blue Slate Mini Mulch

We supply slate chippings and paddlestones in loose loads, bulk bags up to 800kg and maxi and single maxi bags.

For customers looking to match slate colours, we recommend ordering from our range of slate chippings samples first as slate is a natural product and colour may vary due to the seam being mined.

Plum Slate Rockery - cat

Rockery & Boulders

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates supplies landscapers and homeowners with high-quality decorative boulders, rockery and walling.

From Welsh Quartz and Granite boulders to gorgeous Slate Rockery ( available in many different colours), our range meets the needs of both contemporary and traditional landscape design and includes:

  • Multicoloured Rustic Slate Rockery
  • Graphite Grey Slate Rockery
  • Slate Planters
  • Slate Walling
  • Welsh Quartz and Granite Boulders
    • 150-400mm
    • 350-450mm
    • 450-60mm
  • Single Boulders
  • Extra Large Slate Feature Stones


Customers can order in multiple sizes including single boulders and crates of 6  and our experienced team is on hand to provide delivery advice for larger rockeries and boulders where heavy mechanical lifting is required.


Slate Monoliths & Feature Stones

Slate monoliths, hololiths and feature stones transform a garden design and make it truly individual. Each monolith, feature stone and hollolith is unique in shape and size and we supply them undrilled or drilled for those requiring a water feature.

Our Monolith and Feature Stone range includes:


  • Multicoloured Rustic Slate Standing Stones
  • Slender Slate Monoliths
    • 300mm
    • 600mm
    • 900mm
  • Chunky Slate Monoliths
    • 600mm
    • 900mm
  • Large Slate Monoliths
    • 1200mm
    • 1500mm
    • 1800mm
  • Drilled Slate Hololiths
    • 600mm
    • 900mm
    • 1200mm
    • 1500mm
    • 1800mm

Our large Monoliths and Hololiths can be up to 6ft tall and weigh around 1.5 tonnes; these products will require mechanical lifting in order to move around gardens and outdoor spaces.

Our impressive feature stone collection consists of products sourced directly from our partnered quarries. For customers seeking a stunning focal point in their outdoor space, our slate monoliths and feature stones will not disappoint.