Chinese Bauxite

SE bauxite is a high PSV bauxite with cream and off-white tones. It is primarily used as an anti-skid material because it is highly durable, hard-wearing, and decorative.

Sizes: 0.9-1.4mm, 1-3mm

Shape: Angular

Rock type: Calcined Bauxite

  • Bulk Bags
  • 25kg Maxi Bags

PSV – Polished Stone Value: 70
The PSV of an aggregate is a measure of the resistance of an aggregate to polishing and the value is established by subjecting the aggregate to a standard polishing process and then testing the aggregate with a portable skid resistance tester. Aggregate that has a PSV over 60 is regarded as a High Skid Resistant Aggregate. The higher the PSV figure the greater resistance the aggregate has to polishing.

AAV – Aggregate Abrasion Value: 3.2
A known mass of aggregate chippings are set in resin in a small test panel and subject to abrasion on a grinding apparatus. The loss in weight of the aggregate after a specified time as a percentage of the original weight is the AAV.

AIV – Aggregate Impact Value: 10
The aggregate impact value is a strength value of an aggregate that is determined by performing the Aggregate Impact Test on a sample. The AIV is the percentage of fines produced from the aggregate after subjecting it to a standard amount of impact. Below 10 would be regarded as strong, above 35 would normally be regarded as too weak to be used in road surfaces.

ACV – Aggregate Crushing Value: 10
The aggregate crushing value is a value which indicates the ability of an aggregate to resist crushing. The lower the figure, the stronger the aggregate ie the greater its ability to resist crushing.

Hardness: 8.5

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