Copper Slag

Copper slag is a synthetic mineral blasting abrasive made from the slag of fumed copper smelting processes. It is essentially an iron silicate with trace metals bound in an amorphous glass. It does not contain free silica, which makes it a safe and effective abrasive for use in a variety of applications.

Sizes: 1-3mm

Shape: angular

Rock type: iron silicate

  • Standard Bag (40 per pallet)

PSV – Polished Stone Value: 72
The PSV of an aggregate is a measure of the resistance of an aggregate to polishing and the value is established by subjecting the aggregate to a standard polishing process and then testing the aggregate with a portable skid resistance tester. Aggregate that has a PSV over 60 is regarded as a High Skid Resistant Aggregate. The higher the PSV figure the greater resistance the aggregate has to polishing.

AAV – Aggregate Abrasion Value: 3.4
A known mass of aggregate chippings are set in resin in a small test panel and subject to abrasion on a grinding apparatus. The loss in weight of the aggregate after a specified time as a percentage of the original weight is the AAV.

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