Celtic Plum

Celtic Plum

Sizes: 1-3mm

Colour: Dark Green

Shape: Angular

Rock type: Gritstone

  • Standard Bag (40 per pallet)

PSV – Polished Stone Value: 68
The PSV of an aggregate is a measure of the resistance of an aggregate to polishing and the value is established by subjecting the aggregate to a standard polishing process and then testing the aggregate with a portable skid resistance tester. Aggregate that has a PSV over 60 is regarded as a High Skid Resistant Aggregate. The higher the PSV figure the greater resistance the aggregate has to polishing.

AAV – Aggregate Abrasion Value: 1.1
A known mass of aggregate chippings are set in resin in a small test panel and subject to abrasion on a grinding apparatus. The loss in weight of the aggregate after a specified time as a percentage of the original weight is the AAV.

Hardness: 6

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