Plum Slate Chippings for decorative landscaping and garden designs

Plum Slate Chippings

Popular colour choice for slate chippings. Ideal for pathways, driveways and ground cover. It lays flat and is good to walk on. The colour is plum/purple with slight hints of blue. Gorgeous when wet. Goes well with other garden features like rockery or gravel aggregates. They are also known as Welsh Plum Slate. Make sure to lay at 3-4cm deep and more so on drives. Individual chipping sizes will vary.

Sizes: 20 & 40mm

Colour: Plum

Shape: Flat and Angular

Rock type: Slate

  • Single Maxi Bags (20kg)
  • 25 Maxi Bags (20kg per bag)
  • 50 Maxi Bags (20kg per bag)
  • Bulk Bags
  • Loose Loads

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