Plum and Blue Slate Mini Mulch for Decorative gardening and landscaping

Plum and Blue Slate Mini Mulch

A smaller version of regular slate chippings, a by-product of 20mm slate. Comes as a mixed selection of slate containing plum and blue, mainly purple and plum in colour. Ideal for pathways, ground cover and borders. It is not recommended for drives as the material does contain small pieces which will get stuck in tyre treads.

Sizes: 2-14mm

Colour: Plum and Blue

Shape: Flat and angular

Rock type: Slate

  • Single Maxi Bags (20kg)
  • 25 Maxi Bags (20kg per bag)
  • 50 Maxi Bags (20kg per bag)
  • Bulk Bags
  • Loose Loads

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