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Industrial and Dried Minerals Products – Overview

The knowledge and experience to add value to our customers processes and end products

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates have built a reputation for being the ‘partner of choice’ for the sourcing, processing and supply of Industrial Minerals and materials to a wide range of manufacturing sectors.

Our knowledge and experience generated over the past 30 years has helped provide quality solutions to a diverse customer base.

We are passionate in our approach to solving problems and as a result we are regularly tasked with the supply of bespoke minerals to customers world-wide.

Our partnering ethos ‘to deliver quality products resulting in total customer satisfaction’ focuses everything we do in supplying existing projects or new developments.

The world we operate in, is governed by many changing factors that must be tailored into our everyday operations. Clients approach us with issues concerning raw materials, changes in specification, availability and product performance. Our job is to work with our clients to find the best and most sustainable solutions.

We welcome customers to use our knowledge to meet their specifiactions. Our extensive product library holds most if not all of the minerals required for Industrial applications, and we are only too willing to source a product that we do not hold as a standard stock item.

Our understanding of how products are best used in what applications, helps customers to develop their materials to maximum benefit. Whatever your hours of operation, Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates with our technical support and unrivalled product range can surpass your requirements.

This site shows just a small selection of the Industrial minerals, grits, sands, glass,quartz and bauxite available in our diverse range.

For more information regarding your specific requirements please contact us.