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Flooring Products Information

Coloured Aggregate

All of our coloured aggregates are readily available to orderfrom stock. We can offer a very comprehensive service along with a high quality product at reasonable prices.

Samples are available for our sands, coloured quartz, pebble and gravel ranges. These feature samples of our standard range of colours and are ideal for presentations.

Our dried gravels and sands are especially suitable for epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems and have been used for this very purpose for over 25 years.

In addition to our standard range of colours, we also colour to the European standard RAL range and even special one–off colours and would be pleased to supply samples if required. We hope our range is of interest and should you require any help or information then please do contact us.

Natural Aggregate

We also have a range of natural aggregates, which are ideal for both internal and external application depending on use, these include:

  • Natural Marble
  • Pearl Quartz
  • Sand Kiln Dried

Naturals Range

  • Pea Gravels
  • Crushed Glass
  • Granite


Aggregate flooring systems can be used with any of the following aggregates finishes.



Coloured Quartz Aggregates

Suitable for epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems. The colouring system is a thin coat cold-dyed epoxy. These are available as:

  • Quartz sand 0.3-0.6 (0.3-1.2mm), (0.7-1.25)
  • Quartz stone (1-mm), (2-3mm), (3-4mm), (4-6mm) and (5-8mm).

Coverage for quartz sand is approximately 10.5kg per square metre, and for quartz stone at 2-3mm stone size is approximately 12.5kg per square metre. There are many standard colours available, with special colours available on request.

Exterior Grade Aggregates

Suitable for epoxy and polyurethane flooring, suitable for outdoor applications as combined with specially chosen pigments and a UV resistant binding resin. Available in the same sizes and colours as coloured quartz aggregates.


A high quality, light coloured, aggregate specially washed and dried to our specification. Pearl quartz is available in sizes ranging from 2-3mm, 4-6mm and 5-8mm.

Natural Sand

A high quality, light coloured sand specially washed and dried to our specification. Natural sands are available in many  sizesand packagings.

Pea Gravel

Suitable for epoxy and polyurethane flooring. This is available in sizes between 1-3mm, 2-5mm, 6mm or 10mm.

Crushed Glass

Available in sizes from 3-12mm. Available colours are green, iced white, lilac, turquoise, cobalt blue and black.