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Filtration Aggregates Specifier – Support

We offer a number of high grade sands, gravels and support media for water filtration

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates provide a range of products and production processes specifically designed to meet the high specification requirements of water purification plants and filtration works. From sourcing of the exact shape and size of aggregate composition, to quality screening, process handling and containment of materials Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates provides a ‘fit for purpose’ product supported by a range of packaging and delivery options.

With water treatment in the UK and abroad needing to keep better quality standards and increasing recovery from waste water or purifying waste water going to rivers, watercourses and the sea, plant and equipment in this area is evolving all the time. The need for better more cost effective filtration media is also changing to products which improve flow and decrease bulk in smaller installations.

Tumbler screening

Tumbler screening provides 99% screening efficiency with gentle screening of delicate particles to prevent particle destruction. The complicated circular three-dimensional screening action is adjustable to accommodate different material characteristics, improving the separation process. It can be used for both dry and wet screening. The speed can be adjusted such that it has a faster travel rate at the feed and is slow at the discharge side, which can help increase in screen efficiency, so that products can be screened at high capacity to very fine separations.

The advantage of a tumbler screening is that it has the ability to run in a range of angular velocities Tumbler screening machines have higher output per meter square of screening than the other vibratory screening machines. It requires lower power, consumption at different speeds at different levels and sorting at each level.



Water Filtration