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Environment / Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is at the heart of our business

We work in an industry that is totally reliant on natural minerals as the source of everything we produce. Adequate supplies are essential for almost every aspect of modern life. Mineral extraction is only undertaken where suitable ecological deposits exist and sites chosen to minimise environmental and social impacts.

Our sites are well placed and designed to minimise our impacts on the local community and surrounding environment. Our management team at every level look at ways to ensure our operations are conducted with the highest regard for the environment with all legislation and regulatory standards incorporated into our working practices.

Our green product ranges make a positive contribution maintaining a healthy balance in the use of raw materials, as such we actively promote the use of energy efficient dashing aggregates as part of the insulation systems being applied under the governments Green Deal and ECO initiatives.

Our landscaping products are both natural and comply to SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) providing a good alternative to hard landscaping.

Some of our products used in resin bonded applications are developed from recycled and reconstituted products that would normally go to landfill.

So much of our operation is about re-use and recycling from glass to slate,waste that is put to good effect and re-energised.

We look to follow best practices in the sustainability of our sourcing, production and transportation of products. All our products are certified to meet the highest standards and are traceable from source to customer, with minimum processing other than decontamination of foreign bodies.

We welcome clients that share our ethos and work with suppliers that respect and value the natural resource that supplies our industry.