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Monoliths & Water Features product specification

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Water Feature Kit
Kit plate is 760mm in diameter

Sump is 400mm deep and 400mm in diameter. It sits beneath the water collecting plate. Complete kit consists of a bucket (resevoir) which is set into the ground, a large base plate which fits over the bucket to collect the water and channel it back to the bucket, and pump with fittings to suit the stone or feature. Water is recycled back to the bucket and pumped up into the stone or feature via the hose supplied. Dig a hole for the resevoir bucket, then place the pump in, add the base plate which goes at ground level. Add your chosen feature, fill with water and switch on. The pump has an adjustable flow to vary the amount of water delivered and the base plate is best covered with pebbles, Snowdonia or paddlestones which look great when wet. 2-3 hours to install. Electrics to be connected by a qualified person. Suitable for 600mm monoliths and below, Pyramids (all sizes) and boulders or sawn boulders. For monoliths above 600mm we recommend a substantial grid or heavy duty sump.


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