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Decorative Landscape Products – Matching Service and Samples

Matching Service – Sample before you buy

You can request samples before placing an order if you aren’t sure exactly what you requirements are.

Decorative Aggregate Samples

Our Decorative Aggregates range consists of Gravel and Aggregates, Slate Chippings and Cobbles and Pebbles. They can be used to complementexisting planting and landscaping. Gardeners can also use these slate chippings, aggregates, gravel, cobbles and pebbles as mulches.

Our slate comes from quarries in North Wales where it is the by product of roofing slate manufacture.

Small Sample

A small spoonful of approximately 40 grammes for viewing shape and colour. Due to the limited amount this is not really to show sizes of the sample.

Large Sample

Approximately 1kg bag to show size shape and colour of the product. Enough to lay out in a 300mm x 300mm square.



We offer a comprehensive matching service

We supply Decorative Aggregates sample bags

We also supply Specialist Aggregates sample bags