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Decorative Concrete Information – Garages


The walls of vertical panel concrete garages are constructed from precast concrete panels, finished in natural stone aggregate and reinforced with steel. Panels interlock and are bolted together with rust resistant fixings. All external joints are sealed with mastic and finished with aggregate and all external bolt heads are concealed.

Concrete garages as an alternative to conventional brick construction

Since the total cost of a concrete garage is usually about one third of that for a comparable brick built structure, many homeowners have chosen the sectional concrete approach to enable them to save money and time.

Erection time for sectional concrete is generally one day whereas brick construction which requires deep foundations, will mean a minimum of four to six weeks at best.

With the sectional garage, groundworks are cheaper, as the depth required for the footings is about a third of that required for brick construction (about a metre), and the earth removal costs are drastically reduced.

As an additional bonus concrete garages can be extended very easily at a later date, with door and window arrangements changeable at any time. They can even be removed and re-sited elsewhere.



Garage constructed from precast concrete panels


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