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Dashing Specifier – Process

The term pebble-dashing is often associated with the application of small stones that are seemingly stuck to a render to the external wall of properties throughout the United Kingdom. Other terms used to describe the process are Dry-dashing, Harling and Roughcasting.

The aggregate should be applied in a damp but not soaked state as this helps with the adhesion to the render. Care should be taken to ensure that the moisture content of both the aggregate and the render are consistent, as differentials caused by atmospheric conditions can create problems such as blooming, patching and lift lines.

We would not recommend the re-use of aggregate that has been collected up following the first application. Any aggregate that has been walked on or exposed to any substance that could contaminate it, should be disposed off in a responsible way and not re-used as a dashing aggregate. This often causes patching and inconsistent finishes spoiling a good job.

NEVER dash from the bag but from a batch or barrow with 2 to 3 bags in.



Pebble-dashing and cladding

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