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Dashing Information – Useful Handling Information

Sealed Poly Bags

Without exception all aggregates used for dry-dashing should be supplied in sealed polythene bags that comply with the manual handling regulations.

Loose or bulk bagged material should not be used for Dry-dashing. Applicators that use this method do so at their own risk. This is due to the possible contamination and separation of gradings during handling and use.

In accordance with BS EN 13914-1:2005 aggregates should be stored separately, according to type, on clean hard dry ground that is well drained and protected from contamination by soil, falling leaves or other harmful materials.

Special non standard aggregates mixes should be obtained in sufficient quantities at one time to enable material of the approved colour to be used for the whole of the work.

Should the material used require moving from the pallet it is supplied on then care should be taken to prevent over handling. This will cause higher fines content within the bag caused by the attrition of the aggregates within the bag during the handling process.

Special care should be taken when transferring the product from the pallet to the working platform or site storage facility to ensure that bags are not walked or climbed on at any point prior to their application.

The poor practice of dashing straight from the bag must be eliminated to get the best even finish.



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