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Coloured Quartz Specifier – Process

Quartz is very hard stone and its shape provides a mix that offers both durability and a high level of Anti-Slip. The flooring and surfacing industries have adopted this mineral because of these attributes. The addition of colour has provided the industry with the option to offer its clients a vast array of different finishes.

The coloured quartz flooring systems can be applied in two ways broadcast and bound. The broadcast system is simply where a resin base is applied to a sound hard base and the quartz is scattered across the surface, this provides a semi- gloss finish and is a low cost effective solution for large areas.

The bound system is where resin and Quartz are mixed together and hand trowelled applied, this system allows for a very close high gloss finish. Coloured Quartz can be used in many applications domestic, commercial and industrial the high durability offered in conjunction with the pleasing aesthetics make this the ideal product for both functionality and design.



Coloured Quartz offers a vast array of different finishes

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