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Coloured Quartz Information – Production

Production/Quality Control

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates are able to produce grades and mixes that our customers require and meet their exacting specifications. To do this we continually invest in the latest production facilities to ensure our range is up to date and fulfils customer’s requirements.

Our pigmented quartz sand is available in multiple colours and sizes, which can be mixed to order.

Consistently Correct Blending

Blending mineral products to specification requires a high degree of knowledge, skill and experience. Quality and consistency are essential – and achieved through the accuracy of measurement, the blending process and the particle grading.

We control the blending of dry minerals in a number of ways, including maintaining flexibility of the equipment to use, having several different mixing methods to call upon or controlling the size of the batch.

When we receive a blending formulation we call upon our experience and know how to best mix the mineral components so as to achieve the desired effect. Maintaining an even distribution of minerals with different densities is also essential; Minerals of different sizes can separate when blended where large, coarse particles rise to the surface and small fine particles sink to the bottom. This affects the integrity of the blend and the ability of the product to perform as intended.


Every mineral product that we source, as a standalone product or to be used in a formulation blend, needs to be dried before it can be used. We also work with organisations to dry their independently-procured materials.


Where formulations dictate, or where there is a very tight grading requirement, we are able to ‘top and tail’ the mineral so that particle sizes above and below specification are removed.



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