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Coloured Quartz Information – Environmentally Friendly


Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on Earth; there are many different types of Quartz including semi-precious gemstones. Quartz is more commonly used in jewellery and hard stone Carvings.

The hard and non-porous characteristics of quartz aggregate discourage bacterial growth and decay. Ideal for interior-flooring systems with minimal maintenance.

The long-term durability of Quartz means it is replaced less often than most other types of products. Long lifecycle attributes contribute to environmental sustainability and systems with a lower installation cost will have to be replaced multiple times.

Quartz aggregates has long been valued for its life cycle characteristics: low maintenance, durability, with recycled content being an additional attractive feature. Quartz aggregates, binders and finished flooring systems can contribute to the Green Building Council’s credits, rating system.


Quartz Resin bonded systems comprised of low VOC materials exhibits little or no off gassing over the life of the cured floor. The non-porous, cleanable finish does not support microbial growth, nor allow moisture to accumulate, helping to maintain a mould-free environment with improved indoor air quality.

Composition and Embodied Energy

Composed of naturally occurring aggregates, recycled glass and epoxy binders. The binders constitute approximately 25%-30% of the volume of the systems; the remainder of the floor is composed of aggregates and fillers. Initial life cycle assessments of embodied energy appear extremely favourable due to the longevity and low energy usage for maintenance.




Quartz Mineral Structure

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