Aggregates Supplied for Terrazzo Flooring at Queen’s Street Station, Glasgow.

Product Name: Spanish Dolomite & Spanish Grey

Size: 3-8mm, 2-4mm and 5-8mm

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates and Quiligotti, the only manufacturer of Terrazzo flooring in the UK have enjoyed a successful relationship for many years.

Aggregates for new Terrazzo Flooring in Glasgow Queen Street Station
Aggregates for new Terrazzo Flooring in Glasgow Queen Street Station

Quality Spanish Aggregates for Gorgeous Terrazzo Flooring

We regularly help specify and supply specialist aggregates to the Company,  supporting their manufacturing process of high-quality Terrazzo flooring for retail buildings, hospitals and airports in the UK and worldwide.

In 2021, we worked together on a rail installation in Glasgow. Queen Street station is the third busiest railway station in Scotland and the station underwent significant redevelopment to update and modernise the interior.

The project involved the manufacturing and laying of a new attractive Terrazzo floor for the Glasgow Queen Street concourse area.

Quiligotti’s design of Terrazzo flooring required the specification and supply of highquality aggregates including:

  • Spanish Grey 2-4mm
  • Spanish Grey 5-8mm 
  • Spanish Dolomite 3-8mm 

Combined, these beautiful aggregates allowed Quiligotti to create a hard-wearing, durable, and attractive surface which will be enjoyed by thousands of Queen Street customers for many years to come.

More Information

At Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates we have over 35 years of experience in supplying various aggregates for multiple different industries. We have an extensive range of different decorative aggregates for Terrazzo Flooring applications from white dolomite to the different coloured glass of various sizes. 

If you require more information about our aggregates for Terrazzo Flooring then you can visit our dedicated Terrazzo & Flooring Applications page or you can call us directly on 01629 636 500. 

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