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Adverse Weather Solutions Information – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a minimum order?

No, you can order one bag, but there would be a delivery surcharge unless it is ordered with other products on our website.

What quantities can I purchase?

The 50x20kg poly bags on a pallet is the most popular due to the fact it keeps for longer in the sealed plastic bags. These also make it easier to transport without spilling. Any number of these bags can be ordered. The cheapest option is the 850kg bulk bag, but that is more geared up to orders where you envisage using large amounts and don’t intend to keep it for long unless it is going to be used to fill grit bins.

Is the rock salt pure or mixed?

We don’t mix our rock salt with sand like some of our competitors do. What you get is pure rock salt that disappears without leaving sand and grit everywhere.

Is Rock Salt safe?

Under normal conditions of handling and use, Rock Salt is unlikely to have any harmful effect. We recommend you view our Safety Data Sheet page for more detailed information.



How does Rock Salt melt ice?

The salt works by lowering the melting point of ice which is termed freezing-point depression.

How do I use the rock salt?

If snow or ice is forecast you can prevent it settling or taking hold by spreading evenly over the area that needs to be kept clear. This can be repeated as necessary. Rock salt can also be applied directly on top of ice and snow to start the melting process. We also sell accessories like shovels and grit bins to help you store and spread the rock salt.

How should rock salt be stored?

We recommend a grit bin as the safest way to store rock salt and keep it dry. The 20kg sealed poly bags are an alternative option for keeping in your garage, shed or even the boot of your car so you are ready for any unexpected adverse weather. Rock salt will freeze solid at around minus 7 degrees so think about this when choosing where and how to store it.

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